Avatar Creator Plugin

The UNOMi Avatar Creator Plugin is the first advanced 3D plugin that allows you to easily create a 3D character and animate it with pre-existing moves or with our proprietary motion tracking software. Now anyone can create 3D animation. The plugin is available for Adobe After Effects, Premiere and Final Cut.

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Avatar Creator Interface

UNOMi Avatar Creator offers a vast array of tools that allow you to create custom 3D avatars. The Plugin also allows you to create and animate custom 3D emojis.

Motion Capture with Avatar Creator

By clicking on the “UNOMi 3D” button within the Avatar Creator Plugin, you can upgrade to our 3D software that will you to create custom movements with our motion capture software. Our motion capture tools allows you to easily track multiple human movements from just a clip of footage.

Lip Syncing in Avatar Creator

By upgrading to UNOMi 3D LS, you will also be able to easily make your characters speak with our advanced AI technology that automates speech from audio recordings. Simply click on the UNOMi 3D button in the Avatar Creator Plugin and you will be directed to UNOMi 3D which will give you these new features. LEARN MORE

Avatar Creator Demo

This video demonstrates the basics of how the UNOMi 3D Lip-Syncing application works. It will walk you through the basic step-by-step process to automatically sync up 3D mouth poses for your animated character. You will find that the workflow is quite simple and easy to use.

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