UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application

Sync mouth poses to your voice recordings and accelerate your animation process. You’ll find highly advanced technology squeezed into one easy-to-use app. No training required.

App works with: Maya, Cinema 4D, and more


Setting Up Your Mouth Poses

Add your sculpted mouth poses to match phonetic sounds within the program. You only need 14 mouth poses to create high-quality speech animations with our 3D Lip Syncing software.

3D Lip-Sync Interface

Our interface is designed for intuitive control to create a seamless experience. Import your mouth poses, audio, and script, and watch your character come to life. You can easily fine-tune your animation before the final render.


Latest features in the UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application:

  • Swap mouth poses after you sync an audio file.
  • Organize multiple files in the “Assets Window”
  • Create RAM previews anywhere in the time-line

UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application

Sync up your mouth poses and breathe life into your 3D characters.

UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application Benefits

So Easy

Create a 3D animated conversation in just a couple of simple steps. Easy to use navigation. Easily sync mouth poses and preview
your results.

Supports Current Files

Supports multiple file formats like .FBX and .GLTF. Supports multiple audio files like MP3, AIFF and Wave files.

Quick Render

You can render the industry’s most popular render outputs (.FBX, .GLTF and quicktime movies).

Language Supporter

Supports most languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish Portuguese, and others.

3D Lip Sync Application

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  • Features the full 3D lip-syncing professional software
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