UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application

The UNOMI 3D Lip Sync App automatically syncs mouth poses to voiceover recordings of each character, which allows animators to create content at a record pace. It’s easy to use and works with all the top 3D software programs on the market.


Latest features in the UNOMI 3D Lip-Sync Application:

  • The ability to swop out mouth poses after you sync an audio file
  • Ability to organize multiple files in the “Assets Window”
  • Ability to do RAM previews anywhere in the time-line

UNOMi 3D Lip-Sync Application

This video demonstrates the basics of how the UNOMi 3D Lip-Syncing application works. It will walk you through the basic step-by-step process to automatically sync up 3D mouth poses for your animated character. You will find that the work flow is quite simple and easy to use.

UNOMI Benefits

So Easy

Create a 3D animated conversation in just a couple simple steps. Easy to use navigation. Easily sync mouth poses and preview
your results.

Supports Current Files

Supports multiple file formats like .FBX and .GLTF. Supports multiple audio files like MP3, AIFF and Wave files.

Quick Render

You can render the industries most popular render outputs (.FBX, .GLTF and quicktime movies).

Language Supporter

Supports most languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish Portuguese and others.

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