Work by Deloffre Vincent, Jade Rober & Lucile Fourniet
Artist: Phillip Johnson

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The premium tool you need to easily sync 2D and 3D mouth poses to your voice over recordings.

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UNOMI Benefits
So Easy
Easy Syncing Process: Create a 2D animated conversation in just a couple simple steps. Easy to use navigation. Easily synce mouth poses and preview your results.
Support Current Files
Supports multiple file formats from Flash, Photoshop and illustrator. You can render out just as many file options. Supports multiple audio files like MP3, AIFF and Wave files.
Quick Render
You can render the animation industies most popular render outputs (.MOV, PNG Sequence, TIFF sequence, TARGA sequence with and without an alpha channel)
Language Supporter
Supports most lanuages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish Potugese and others.
Subscription Plans
UNOMI APP (Free Trial)
This free trial features the full lip syncing ability of the professional version but is only a trial. You will not be able to render your final product with this version unless you upgrade your license.
UNOMI APP (Professional)
This packages includes the fully featured software that syncs 2D mouth poses and more.
US $34.99/mo
UNOMI APP Annual License (Professional)
This package includes a fully featured software that syncs 2D mouth poses and more.
US $385.98/yr