Animation software that gives you superpowers.

Discover a suite of software that enables you to create a fully-realized persona. Easily automate lip-syncing, capture motion tracking, and design a virtual avatar without any specialized equipment or training.

Plugin works with: Photoshop, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

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UNOMI 3D Lip Sync Application

Sync your mouth poses to voice recordings with our new app that works directly with the Avatar Creator plugin. Watch your avatar come to life! It’s supported by the industry’s most widely used 3D software and a variety of languages.

App works with: Maya, Cinema 4D, and more.


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UNOMI 2D Lip Sync Application

The most accurate 2D lip-syncing software on the market. Created by professionals in the industry and designed for animators of any skill level.

Integrates best with: Toonboom, Adobe Animate, and TVPaint.


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UNOMi Suite

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