Voiceover Application

The UNOMI Voiceover App automatically scans voiceovers used in Audiobooks and catalogs all the errors. Instead of scanning voiceovers manually one at a time, you will now be able to scan multiple voiceovers and scale the production of your Audiobooks.


Latest features in the UNOMi Voiceover application:

  • Scan multiple audio files
  • Ability to organize multiple files in the “Assets Window”
  • Ability to preview scanned results and make adjustments to the voiceover scan
  • Create batch renders

UNOMI Benefits


Scan over 10 hours of audio in couple simple steps. Easy to use and intuitive navigation.

Supports Current Files

Supports multiple file formats like MP3, AIFF and Wave files.

Quick Render

Quick processing for over ten hours of audio.

Language Supporter

Supports most languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Spanish Portuguese and others.

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